About us


About us?

We are the Center for Development Studies. A non-profit organization that researches and analyzes political and economic issues in Uruguay to contribute to informed debate and the adoption of better public policies.

We believe that Uruguay can become the first developed country in Latin America. For this reason, we promote a modern, competitive and fair country; a reference in the region and in the world for its democratic values ​​and its open society.

We believe in liberty and that it is possible to improve the life of Uruguayans with dedication, commitment and effort.

What do we do?

We analyze and generate public policy proposals to achieve a fairer, freer and more prosperous Uruguay.

We investigate

We develop research and analyze current issues with specific proposals such as international integration, labor market, entrepreneurship, public finances, social fragmentation, and studies on city issues.

We disseminate

We participate in public discussion with a presence in the media and social networks and we create spaces for the exchange of ideas at events.

We educate

We offer academic training courses to develop free thinking and knowledge in politics and economics. The Diploma in Political Economy of Contemporary Uruguay stands out.

Our mission

Generate public policy proposals to achieve a freer, fairer and more prosperous Uruguay.

Our vision

Promote relevant discussions for the country.

Generate spaces for training and permanent interaction with the political, social and business leaders of Uruguay.

Provide excellent inputs for the analysis and implementation of public policies.

Our values

These are the pillars that we believe, defend and promote:

  • Liberty
  • Open society
  • Rule of law
  • Experience-Based Policies
  • Decentralization
  • Sustainability

Our Figures

In 2023 we are celebrating our seventh year of life in a stage of frank growth.
During these years we have achieved:
of the Diploma in Political Economy
of the Young Euromodel Uruguay
Annual Dinner
with +500 attendees
Best New think tank
in Latin America
  • +250 exhibitors with the most prominent political referents in the region, politicians from all our parties, intellectuals of international prestige and the most renowned analysts in our environment.
  • 1 Annual Dinner with more than 500 attendees and the speech of the President of the Republic Luis Lacalle Pou.
  • 16 editions with more than 300 graduates of the Diploma in Political Economy of Contemporary Uruguay.
  • 180 participants of the Young Euromodel Uruguay, with more than 800 applications between 2020 and 2022.
  • In 2017 we were recognized as the best new think tank in Latin America by the Think Tanks And Civil Societies Program of the University of Pennsylvania.

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